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Could your old £10 note be worth a small fortune?

London Mint Office Blog | By Scott Wilson

This year will see the introduction of the new plastic Jane Austen £10 note. Following on from the recent new plastic £5 note it is expected to carry across similar features, such as a variety of security features like the see-through window displaying the £ symbol, the 3D coronation crown displaying a multi coloured rainbow effect when tilted, and much more.

Just like the £5 note it will be made of a Polymer (animal fat and all…) The note brags to be better for the environment as it is longer lasting than the traditional paper note meaning less will be produced, and when it reaches the end of its life as money it can be recycled into a new plastic product.

It was confirmed by the Bank of England that the new £10 will commemorate Jane Austen, whose 200th year anniversary of death is in July this year. The late author will be the only female aside from The Queen to appear on a note once the old £5 notes are withdrawn from circulation. Although …

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